Easy Set-up Tricks to Improve your Online Presence

August 31, 2020

Video Lesson

Easy Set-up Tricks to Improve your Online Presence

Suffering from “Zoom Fatigue” or wondering how to make your home set-up better for presenting?

Check out the new video post on our new YouTube channel. It covers 3 basic set-up strategies that will make you more comfortable and more effective!

Set-up optimization:

Optimizing your set-up is a one-time, quick, easy, inexpensive investment in making you more effective, and more comfortable, in our new online reality. The video here details a few things we can all do even in limited spaces and with no green screen: The keys are to think about camera height, lighting and body position. 

Identify presentation type:

As you watch, one consideration about which strategies to utilize is figuring out what type of presentation you are doing. For longer teaching sessions, being seated with multiple monitors and a webcam is ideal; for short talks or pitches like for a start-up competition or conference presentation, standing is better, and the web cam and second monitor become less important. For these types of single monitor situations, one helpful trick not covered in the video is to set the presentation mode to “browse by an individual (window)” so that you can shrink a powerpoint presentation to a partial screen and still have access to the rest of your computer. Here’s a visual of how to create that set-up in powerpoint.

Presenting with a monitor
Single monitor set up trick

How to prepare for your next talk:

Find a partner who has also watched the video and give each other feedback on how you “look” online. While you are at it, check the audio feed as well to make sure that your microphone fully captures your voice.

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