Hone Verb.

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Your Message

"To make more acute, intense, or effective" 
"To make sharp or sharper
"To make improvement by introducing subtleties or distinctions" 
"To alter formally by modification, deletion, or addition" 

Your Potential

"To refine or practice (a skill, technique, etc.)"
(Oxford English Dictionary)
"To render more acute; to intensify"
(Oxford English Dictionary)
"To improve something by making small changes to it"
(Oxford English Dictionary)
"To bring into a better state, better, improve"
(Oxford English Dictionary)
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Our Services

At Hone, we help you communicate better – not only on a project-by-project basis, but by sharing strategies as we work together. Our services focus on honing both written texts and oral messaging, and we work with everyone from first-year university students to graduate students to tenured professors, from start-up entrepreneurs to seasoned business professionals. These services fall into three categories: writing and editing, presenting, and applying. In each, we are committed to understanding your goals and helping you develop an effective strategy to achieve them as well as become a more disciplined, strategic, effective communicator - better able to maximize your impact.

Write Better

Writing is where we started. Presently, Hone offers a suite of writing and writing improvement services. Our expertise ranges from drafting press releases, news articles and marketing materials to editing technical reports, grant applications and academic papers, including dissertations and journal articles.




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Write Better

Present Better

Coaching presentation skills is Andrew’s current passion. Hone offers dynamic presentation practice with a four-part program that develops messaging content and visual aids as well as body language and voice. We work on everything from 8 minute start-up pitches to 20 minute research talks to multi-hour interactive webinars. We rely on our own holistic approach to maximize impact.




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Present Better

Apply Better

Hone Communications offers support for job searches and school applications. We take a highly individualized approach to understanding your strengths and then helping you discover the specific narratives that will help employers or admission people understand the depth and breadth of your unique qualifications.


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cover letters


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Awesome Students


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5 Star Reviews


We have been working with Hone Communications since 2015 and can attest to the excellence of their work, the timeliness of their delivery, and the pleasure of working with them. Specifically, we primarily use Hone for their value-added editing services as they help transform our clients’ descriptions to meet the extremely specific demands of Canada Revenue Agency’s expectations with regard to SR&ED tax credit documentation. They never fail to significantly improve both the framing and language of our applications. Additionally, they are truly committed to our company’s success, and always willing to go beyond the scope of their mandate to improve our overall business strategy efforts and marketing collateral. I unequivocally give them my highest recommendation.
Sobana G
President, ENGINEVA Research Solutions Inc.


I’ve been working directly with Andrew for over three years on providing students with communication and presentation skills training. Andrew’s passion for the work, excellent coaching ability, and overall expertise has allowed us to successfully collaborate on over a dozen special initiatives that traverse the many corners of higher ed. This includes direct training to well over a thousand undergraduate and graduate students (and some professors) who have gone on to put their presentation skills into practice for audiences at McGill and beyond. The ability to effectively communicate is a key skill for long-term success, and no matter your competence level, Andrew can help take your communication skillset from wherever it is to where you want it to be.
Alex Liepens, PhD
Teaching & Learning Services, McGill University


I wanted to let you know that I received my interview invitations. Out of 18 programs that I applied for, I received invitations to 12 programs! I received invitations to 9 internal medicine programs including all my top choices and some programs that I would have never imagined receiving invitations from, like Dalhousie and Queens... Feels like a dream and it's been a tough year for almost all other applicants.I just wanted to thank you for all your help and insight throughout this process! I will definitely be recommending your services to future applicants.
Daniel Negreanu


We were so thrilled to have Andrew facilitate and develop a series of workshops around presentation skills for our summer undergraduate research students in 2018! The content of the workshops was exactly what we desired to engage this cohort of young students having an early experience in research. As a facilitator Andrew is stellar, and 100% of our students said they would recommend these sessions to a friend. Andrew also went the extra way in helping some of our selected students with their oral presentations for the RI-MUHC Summer Student Research Day. He committed a long day to offering them feedback and the results were clear! Many senior members of the RI-MUHC research community commented on the strength of the oral presentations from such junior students. We look forward to working with Andrew again in the future!
Emily Bell, PhD
Manager, Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training of the RI-MUHC


Way back when I was finalizing my thesis and preparing my acknowledgements, I thanked you in it. At the time I recall thinking I would send each person I thanked a copy to let them know: "you have been immortalized as an awesome human in at least one doctoral thesis!” Yet somehow the time slipped by and the work piled up- and it never got done. So, sorry to be a bit en rétard… and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your role in helping me to deliver that incredibly difficult thing.
Denise Brend, PhD


On two separate occasions over the past decade, Andrew passionately taught me the core aspects of a professional presentation skillset. First, Andrew’s course taught me how to write with purpose and how to communicate clearly through long-form text. Second, during a workshop series for medtech startups. Andrew coached us through a range of exercises related to pitching, stage presence, slide and deck design, story telling - the list goes on. More importantly, Andrew gave us brutally honest feedback on our progress and areas for improvement, which led us to dramatically improve our presentation skills in a very short time. I owe Andrew a great deal for bestowing me with a drive to become a better communicator that I hope to continue building on throughout my career. If you are considering working with Andrew on anything related to the above, you are in good hands!
Jeff Munzar
Co-Founder & Head of Technology, NPLEx


Andrew is an excellent instructor who infuses our courses with creative and effective approaches to improving writing and presentation skills. When Andrew is at the helm, I am confident that the graduate students are in good hands. He understands the life cycle of the design and development of a presentation, and he is enthusiastic about supporting students at every step. Previous students have shared that they have gone on to successfully present posters and oral presentations at academic conferences. An endorsement of the supportive classroom environment that Andrew provides for students to build confidence while strengthening skills!
Yvonne Hung, PhD
Interim Director, McGill Writing Centre


I had the pleasure of working with Andrew through the Surgical Innovation Program. He helped us fine tune our start-up pitch, and pointed out little bits and pieces that needed refining -which we would not have otherwise noticed. This really helped the overall structure of our pitch, and created a story from start to finish that convinced several investors. With his help, my team placed 1st in the Surgical Innovation Program, and 2nd in the McGill Dobson Cup.
Inara Lalani
Co-Founder & COO at FemTherapeutics


Dr. Andrew Churchill is a passionate instructor dedicated to the success of his students. He consistently delivers engaging workshops that enrich both the academic and professional background of each participant. He is actively broadening his knowledge of science communication, to ensure that his content is tailored to the needs of his audience. Dr. Churchill truly provides exceptional programming and I am very grateful for his work.
Ingrid Chiraz
Project Administrator, Office of Student Academic Services | Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, McGill University